Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kai what a great kid!

Today, Kai and I went to the store to exchange a Thomas the Train Set, because he had received more than one for a gift. The thought of re-gifting something that had recently made headlines for lead poisoning children...even though this one is plastic, not painted wood, I wouldn't give that gift of fear to another mother. So, off to Wal-Mart we went to exchange this toy for another. Setting out, Kai knew that he wanted a helicopter. He loves the helicopter that his good friends Jacob and Joshua have.

The lady at Wal-Mart scowled when I said I didn't have a receipt, but what did I care, I was on a mission. Bad news, the bar code was not in their system so I was out of luck. Kai suggested that we go to Kohls, but I decided to drive across town to Toys R Us.

Confidently, I walked into Toys R Us to make my exchange. No receipt, no go! Seriously, not even a gift card. I guess I'll be posting that treasure on EBay!!

Do you think I could explain this to Kai? Do you think a kid should even have to understand something like this? Heck no, he's a kid, he should have no worries. So, off shopping we went.

I pointed him in the direction of several different helicopters, my efforts were in vain.
When it comes to toys in the store, he has a one track mind. Needless to say, we came home with yet ANOTHER Lightening McQueen!! OMG.


Tara said...

Great site! I'm so happy that I'm able to keep up on what is happening with you, if we could just get together and hang out! LOL!

The Kahumokus said...

I LOVE it!!!!! You've done a great job! Josh loves to look at the pictures of Kai...even though we live across the street!

gtninlv said...

Glad to see you've joined the blogging group! It's fun to see how big Kai is getting. Your pics are great, too. Keep up the good work,
Gail (Nat's Mom)

Aimee Z. said...

Hi Jenny! I haven't seen a picture of Kai since he was a baby, and oh my gosh how he's grown!!! Isn't it amazing how quickly that happens? He's such a little cutie! Thanks for sharing your blog with me! :o)