Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meet Dorothy

Operation Bring Dorothy Home Quick
Adoption adoption adoption. I seem to be consumed with finding out as much about adoption as possible ever since we received our calling to adopt. So I research, I research country rules, agency rules, financing and then I get totally overwhelmed and day while surfing the net I came across this awesome website. A family who is adopting their little girl Dorothy from India is doing some creative fundraising. They're probably not the first to try to get some of their adoption funds together this way but it was a genius idea to me. Truth be told I truly hope the mom will be able to share her secrets to successful fundraising when she's done getting her funds together and has her beautiful little girl home in her arms. But for now, there are important things for me to do, like spread the word. I can help with that! Do you have $10 you could chip in toward bringing Dorothy home? A portion of the proceeds will be shared with Shendoah's Hope, another group I firmly believe in. Check it out!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cold Feet?

Are there places in your home that are just colder/warmer than others? I don't understand why everytime I am on the computer, I have Icy Toe phenomenon. I can be wearing wool socks and still be feeling frostbitten. I think it's a conspiracy to keep me off the 'net.